Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Making Mother's day child friendly - A Gift Idea

I learned early on that Mother's Day wasn't about me.
My first ever Mother's Day.
A radio station gave me daffodils.
They generously gave every mother in the maternity unit a gift to celebrate.
For me, it was my return after my gorgeous daughter was refusing breast milk.

My daughter's third birthday was Mother's Day, and I found myself sharing 'my day' with three children (it was very definitely her day).

And so, the lesson is learned.

And so I offer my winning combination.
Mother's Day at Asda with Peppa Pig.

Because some just forget to remember.
And others just know giving a bit of Peppa Pig will make children as happy as it makes mummy.
And truth be told, I loved these gifts.
Because everyone loves bathtime and storytime.

And because mummy is amazing.
And because Daddy Pig snorted when he heard that Mummy is neat and organised!

But mostly because reading a book is fantastic!
Disclosure: We received a copy of "My Mummy" and bath mitts for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions contained are our own.


  1. I adore this gift Idea! I especially adore the mits :) x

    1. The fun of bathtime should be shared! x

  2. Looks like a good read and I love the sponge, never mind the kids, gift it to you :-) Pepper pig wasn't around when mine was that age, it was the Tweenies back then!!

    1. We find the children are unified in enjoying Peppa Pig (in short bursts) and anything which unites 3 and 5 year olds should definitely be celebrated!

  3. Aw suck a cute photo! They look like little monkey's :) x

  4. My Grandmother's birthday was incredibly close to Mother's Day each year, sometimes they clashed, and I always thought it was very special because it meant she was definitely spoilt! :)

    1. My parents got married on my mum's birthday, so it's wonderful to celebrate those really special days. Mums definitely should be spoilt!

  5. When I was a kid I once stuck macaroni onto construction paper spelling out the words "Happy Mother's Day!"(my mother let me know it looked as though it were made by a drunk baby without arms).Why not provide for it an alternate shot as an adult,truly quiets her down, and demonstrate her the means by which capable you are at expressions and artworks?It's a genuine force move, a cool method for providing for her the finger without really providing for her the finger.
    ~Julie Nelson.


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