Monday, 31 March 2014

Me and Mine - March

I have wanted to take part in this project.
Mr J even managed to pick up a tripod at a car boot sale.
We took it down the beach. And the rain started.

But we've finally managed to get off the starting line.
Thanks for a friend's outstretched hand.
So, hopefully, this is the first of many.
Mr J is loving:
  • Getting out for meals with friends.
  • Scotch bonnet chillis.
  • The start of car boot sale season.
  • Winning at squash matches.
Mummy is loving:
  • a continued motivation to keep fit.
  • wonderful nights out with friends.
  • four day week's at work.
  • a really comfy Team Honk hoodie.
Seren is loving:
  • Doc McStuffins.
  • Supper. An added meal to the day.
  • Rwster points for eating all her cinio.
  • Swimming.
Tom is loving:
  • Paw Patrol.
  • Drawing over himself.
  • Mickey Mouse deckchairs.
  • Doc McStuffins' otoscope projector.
Seb is loving:
  • Paw Patrol.
  • Big boy pants.
  • Swimming with only one set of arm floats.
  • Mister Magnolia.
dear beautiful


  1. Yay! Glad you managed to get a photo, and such a lovely one too. Looking forward to seeing posts in the following months too x

    1. Thank you x Have so enjoyed reading them so it's great to take part.

  2. Welcome to Me and Mine. It's a great challenge to take part in - I don't think we'd have any family portraits if it weren't for the mad scrabble to take one in time for posting up. My boy is enjoying drawing over himself too!

    1. Thank you x I love looking back at photos to see how quickly the children are growing up, it will be lovely to see us grow as a family (fingers crossed!). So glad we're not the only family with 'artistic qualities'!

  3. YAY! So glad to have you taking part. It's never too late to join the party. And such a lovely photo to start the project on. x

    1. Thank you!!! Am so hopeful to remain part of the wonderful journey you and yours have begun. x


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