Sunday, 30 March 2014

My #TeamHonk Experience

If I thought this post was hard to write.
I can't begin to appreciate how Penny, Tanya and Annie feel.

I have known for a while I am not a completer/ finisher.
Too eager to move onto the next thing.
So what when the next thing seems so far away?
We were fortunate to get involved with the #TeamHonkRelay early on.
And WOW did we do a fantastic job.
What I loved about #TeamHonkRelay Wales was how involved schools from West, to South, to North, were willing to be in supporting the begins of the Sport Relief journey- of how many bloggers children got to take something so special into school for the day.
I loved that bloggers got to meet up and to put their effort into supporting the greater good.
And that all the way along so many supported the baton's journey up to John O'Groats.

And as I sat at home in the final weeks, I began to think I hadn't done enough.
We had been poorly, I had kept my promise to start Zumba but by then the Baton has left.
It felt that there was more to do.

I would love to know what I was thinking one Wednesday afternoon.
As the idea of a flash mob at the Sport Relief Mile seemed like a good idea.
And with the "get on and do it" vote from the amazing Team Honk team so a plan formed.
After getting the amazing Jordan on board, I entered a police station, asking for permission to organise a flash mob. And then the amazing organisers of the Sport Relief Mile- the Vale of Glamorgan Council- came on board, agreeing to let us be a part of the event (rather than a gatecrasher!), and organising for Bro Radio to get the playlist out through their PA system. The Council sorted our money collecting permit in record fast time, and The Boy and Me offered to come down to photograph us in action.

And in less than three weeks an idea became a reality.
The day of the flash mob the baton would arrive at John O'Groats- we would be a long distance cheering squad.
This lady.
Well, this lady put all her energies and focus into making this plan a reality.
Organising 'rehearsal' sessions.
Incorporating the tracks in every day Zumba sessions.
Uploading videos of her completing the tracks for those of us who couldn't get there.
Making it happen.

And this was us.
A fab group of the most awesome women and men.
Hopefully entertaining (and wow-ing!) the Sport Relief Mile participants and supporters.
And, doing more than we ever thought possible.
It is one thing for us to commit to a healthy lifestyle.
Turning up at a Zumba session.
But these amazing individuals.
These fab people agreed to do something amazing.
To make something fantastic happen in support of Sport Relief.
Exercising in public is quite something.
A matter of confidence.
As a team.
Anything is possible.
And with the support of Jordan it happened.

Me, out exercising, after more than five years of gaining weight.
£150 raised for Team Honk Wales' Sport Relief effort.
And a boost for the confidence of so many.

And the Johnson's went on, with the Blendall-Barry team, to take part in the Sport Relief Mile.
And, there was no place better to do it, with views only Wales can offer.
 And a wonderful reward for the little people.
What a day.
What a year.

Team Honk really has done so much.
For Sport Relief.
For projects in the UK and abroad.

For bloggers.
And their families.
And their friends.

For individuals.
For making a difference.

Thank you Annie.
Thank you Penny.
Thank you Tanya.



  1. Yeeeay! That's brilliant! Well done you. You couldn't help being ill at the start, it's just bad luck, but what a great way to recover! :)

  2. Wow well done you!!! It was such an incredible thing to follow! Well done all of you xx

  3. You did an amazing job!
    Well done to you.
    My radio team did the Hemel Hempstead leg but your gang looks way more exciting!
    Model Mummy xx

  4. Well done! What a fantastic idea, love it!xx

  5. Looks like a lots fell into place, well done all of you:) Looks like like lots of fun was had:) (perhaps I should muster some "face the fear and do it anyway" and go toa zumba class!)

  6. What a great idea and a brilliant way to raise awarness, great to see you got support from lots of local people :-) I have only done zumba on the Wii fit and it's hard work keeping up, so well done to you.

  7. Well done you! I loved taking part n Team Honk, such fun and for such a worthwhile cause!

  8. Wow, that looks like so much fun. I loved doing my small part of the relay. It was fun to connect with other bloggers and to help raise money for a good cause. Honk Honk :)

  9. Well done you! That is absolutely fabulous. I would have loved to be able to be more of a part of it, it was such an amazing experience for everyone x

  10. Well done to everyone who took part in the flash mob and to all the locals who helped make it happen :)

  11. Well done you!
    Well done everyone who got involved!


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