Monday, 17 March 2014

Ordinary Moments: School Days

This happens, every year, and in nursery, three times a year.
A welcome for three year olds.
A welcome to the beginning of their school days.
This will be the school my children attend for their first seven years of education.

This will be the place they make friends. Break friends.
Find their interests. And find those subjects they detest.
The teachers who motivate them. Who they remember for life.
The squabbles. That last forever. And mean everything.
But are quickly forgotten, in favour of friendships which last.

And so, I had today.
A day where I got to watch them familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.
Listen to them plead for five minutes more.
Throw strops on the walk home as they were sure the five minutes didn't last long enough.

And I have gained one day into their lives.
Days which will soon be few and far between.
As they learn from some of the most caring educators.
And amaze themselves, and me, with their new knowledge.

I have this one day to hold, as I let them go.


  1. Oh this made me feel a bit teary. Such and exciting time but yet also such a nerve wracking and sentimental one as well. It must be lovely to gain an insight into where they will spend so much of their time. x

  2. Oh, your words take me back... it all flies by so quickly, before you know it your into GCSE territory!!

  3. Aw I know I will be a wreck when the time comes for Baby to go to school x

  4. Your child is enjoying his independence to play and it gives you a little spare time for your self.


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