Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ordinary Moments: Play dates

I'm so glad to be back for a third week to link in with Mummy, Daddy, Me's linky.

This week was pretty ordinary, and pretty extraordinary.

Last Summer we found out that Seren's best friend from nursery would be going to a different primary school.
I was heartbroken.
We were fortunate.
They live around the corner.

So we've had play dates and parties to keep everyone in contact.
Mummy has been lucky.
Seren's best friend's mum, I would like to think, is now a friend of mine.
Someone whom I look forward to enjoying a coffee with.
Someone who I had the courage to say "Can I join you at Zumba?"

With a little special bonus.
The best friend's little brother is the same age as Seren's little brothers.

And so this weekend, we had a playdate.
A special playdate which meant no-one was left out.
I loved it.
I love watching my children interact.
More special, was spending time with the best friend's little brother.
I was reminded of a child's rich imagination.
Tom & Seb always have each other, and sometimes I miss the imagination of one.
Of the conviction of your own mind.
I loved that it gave me a kick up the backside.
That I must start spending time with each of my children as individuals.

But most of all I love that all three of my children are old enough to enjoy playdates.
To look forward to the company of people they love.
And enjoy every moment.


  1. How lovely that you all get on well and can have play dates together. I can imagine as a mother that makes you panic when you find out that the friends they have made are going their separate ways. So glad that you managed to keep the friendship going. They all look lovely together. x

  2. That's great that no one gets left out, even mum!!!

  3. Oh that is lovely - how nice that you all manage to get some 'you' time. x

  4. Looks like the kids are having lots of fun.

  5. What a shame they didn't go to the same school, but so nice that they are still friends.

  6. What a shame that they were split up, but so lovely that their friendship endured x

  7. Play dates are ace, and it's lovely they give you an excuse to stay in touch with your own friends who otherwise you might not see :)


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