Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ordinary Moments- Sunday afternoons

You never forget, over the winter especially, how much you appreciate being able to open the windows and doors and letting everyone enjoy fresh air.

Last weekend was fantastic, the first time the children have been able to go outside in their shoes rather than wellington boots.
After a dry Saturday, Mr J took the opportunity to sort out the extended back garden (I suspect he also wanted to leave me alone to watch England v Wales, he's not a fan of rugby, but when our nations meet it's never pretty).

'Jewelly' has been growing in confidence, finding her way to the garden boundary.
The little people took the opportunity to refamiliarise themselves with the lure of the outside tap, to create muddy puddles and to compete in jumping competitions.
An early night and a sound night sleep reminded us of how much fresh air makes our world a better place.

And the first signs of Spring are here.
And I look forward to our Spring and Summer. Full of even more ordinary moments.


  1. The cusp of spring is as good as Christmas eve!

  2. Such pretty photos and your little girl is so pretty.Visiting from Blog club group G

  3. It is so nice to be able to go outside without freezing. Spring is definately here, thank goodness.

  4. What some beautiful pictures - its so nice to see the sunshine and get out to enjoy it again. x

  5. What a stunning looking kitty.
    She reminds me of my Ode

  6. That's a gorgeous dress. Brown is such an unusual one for little girls, but my daughter had a party dress in exactly the same colour and it's so pretty :)


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