Monday, 10 March 2014

Siblings - March

I'm so pleased to finally be able to join in with this linky.
I am terrible at taking photos of our three together.
Instead having any number of photos of combinations and singles.

So, of course they're not looking at the camera.
But this is it.
Our life.
Spring beginning.
A Sunday afternoon in the garden.
Having a jumping competition.

These days everything is about who is the best.
Fortunately coming first and being in the middle are of equal importance.
And so I am safe from too many disappointed faces, as they are confused as to which they really wanted.
They are the best of friends.
They of course fight like the best of them too.
But when the weather is good, so they thrive.

Tonight as they were going to bed, they sang me a lullaby:
"Twinkle, Twinkle, Chocolate bar.
Mummy drives a rusty car."
And they disintegrated into laughter.
The things they are teaching each other.
So proud of themselves.
dear beautiful


  1. What a great shot. It's so natural and I love your daughter's expression - pure glee!

  2. Lovely picture. Nice sentiments too.

  3. Awesome action photo! Looks like fun. Sun makes everything seem happier x

  4. Such a beautiful and natural picture. Really sweet and the poem is cute too.

  5. One of my greatest pleasures is watching one of my children explain something to another. The pride is so huge and across so many levels :)

  6. Beautiful picture - it looks like they are having such a wonderful time.

  7. Beautiful action shot! Love the lullaby!

  8. Oh this is just lovely. I love how full of life and fun the photograph is. And it's so cute hearing about how they play too. Great to have you joining in with us. x

  9. What a fabulous picture! I really love it :) So sweet that they have each other. Competition is inevitable I guess x

  10. This is great shot!
    It is so hard to catch someone mid air ;-)
    Fantastic picture

  11. Oh I totally want to join in on this jumping competition. It looks too good. What a great shot!

  12. Debbie I love this shot, i adore how Squeaks is jumping (very well captured) and the two boys are kind of jumping but to their own timings! fab x


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