Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why technology works for us #CollectiveBias #Shop

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My husband seems to think my Samsung Galaxy S4 is surgically attached to my hand.
I think he's wrong.
I have a phone for work and my personal phone... so he's obviously incorrect.
I do work occasionally.

I do however love my Samsung.
I never thought I would.
Change is never welcomed with open arms.
I was a Nokia girl.
Mr J got a Samsung Galaxy and before long we were upgrading as often as possible.

And so we are a Samsung family.
I have a Galaxy S4.
Mr J has the Galaxy S3.
And Mr J gifted me a Galaxy Tab for my birthday.
Although it's not so much mine, the children use it far more than I!

What do I love about my phone?
I love that I can do anything with it.
I rely on it for knowing which platform at Paddington will get me back to Cardiff when I've left the office too late and am frantically checking as my phone comes back into life at Edgware Road so that I can make the frantic dash home.
I love checking Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Outlook when I'm out and about.
I love finding out that I've been paid because of the Co-op app.
Most of all I love my camera.
I love capturing my children.
I love that on Sunday, with a fantastic Zumba Instructor, I organised a Flash Mob for Sport Relief as part of Team Honk at Barry Island.
I love how many people love their camera as much as me.
Videoing and photographing on tablets and phones... somewhere in that audience is both of mine!
I love that at the end of completing the Sport Relief Mile (with newly toilet trained twins [not in the least stressful]) that a kind friend separated my hand from my phone and took this.
Photos of the five of us are far between.

And this is the joy of my phone being close to my hand.

The downside.
Accidental damage.
Fortunately my bank account covers mobile phone accidental damage.
We've both had to use it.
Lesson nearly learned.

So at the weekend I popped to our local Vodafone shop.
To look for solutions.
I love the clean lines of Vodafone stores.
And the clear branding which leads you straight to a preference.
Or to turn right and select by contract.

I was impressed by how attentive the team at Vodafone are to its customers.
I was a little bit disappointed by the range of accessories.
Primarily because I didn't find what I was looking for.
If it does indeed exist.
The accessory that guarantees my children cannot damage my phone or tablet.
The cover in stock met Mr J's needs.
So his phone has a sleek cover to protect against adult injury.
He's not stupid enough to let his phone into contact with our children.
I am a soft touch.

But when Seren comes home from a day at school.
Desperate to carry on her learning with the apps and sites she is familiar with.
I am happy.
As she decides on Reading Eggs.
Content that my children learn from everything around them.
And, that I get to capture everything around us.


  1. I have to admit I do always have 2 phones on me an iPod and quite often my iPad as well - there is so much you can with them these days - I think I would be rather lost without them. x

    1. It is amazing how quickly they've been incorporated into our lives, but I do think if you have balance the positives definitely make life easier

  2. I was always a nokia girl, but then iPhone landed on my lap and have been ever since! My hubs has a samsung phone at the moment and it takes great photos. Don't know what we used to do without a smart phone in our hands! x

    I recently posted Greek Cypriot Meze as part of the #Cbias Asda #Shop x

    1. I have shy-ed away from 'i, it's almost like gangs at school, well sort of! But yep, we have some fantastic photos to thank for our phones!

  3. Oh this post is so beautifully personal. I love it. We are a Samsung family too but the budget hasn't stretched to a tablet YET. I also did the #shop xx

    1. Thank you! x We do feel few and far between at times. Mr J always spots a bargain and managed to find our tablet on Gumtree! x

  4. Oh this post is so beautifully personal. I love it. We are a Samsung family too but the budget hasn't stretched to a tablet YET. I also did the #shop xx

  5. I love my Samsung Galaxy note, I use it for everything texting, surfing, checking the weather, facebook, twitter and the odd phone call. It takes brilliant photos and is a great size, I don't know how people manage with little phones.

    1. Mine went away to be repaired for the week- it was not a great week :-)

  6. We have the s3 and s4 as well and I have the tab - definitely a Samsung family here too x

  7. Pad and pencil. Never needs charging...

    1. LOL it's not that easy. I have a massive stationery fetish too. Currently happily satisfied by my gorgeous Leuchtturm1917 (colour co-ordinated with my pens) notebooks!

  8. I used to be a Nokia girl and now I'm a Samsng Galaxy S3 girl. I do prise it out of my hand occasionally, honest... :D

  9. My husband love his samsung! So far he had not complaint from his phone yet. So this must be a good phone.

    1. I hate having to agree with my husband but on Samsung he was right!

  10. What a lovely post! I particularly adore all the pictures, especially that one of all five of you. So rare to get a full family picture isn't it?

    1. Thank you! I don't think we've had one since the boys started walking!

  11. Technology is a must, I would be lost without my phone! #bloggingmumscarnival

  12. i am so tempted with samsung! i have always been a iphone gal but times are changing! #bloggingmumscarnival

  13. Gosh, I must look into Samsung when my current contract is up!
    Thanks for an inspiring post…
    Emma :-)

  14. Love your family run picture so awesome!
    My son is 3 and knows his way round my phone, his innotab and he knows how to put a dvd or netflix on the xbox. Yet my mum can just about use basic facebook. It's crazy how well kids learn using technology.


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