Sunday, 27 April 2014

Applying make up

Years ago, I use to travel to work via the M60. Such was the standstill nature of the journey I took to applying the handbrake, shifting into neutral and applying my make up.

By the time I got to work there had been enough traffic and traffic lights that I could quickly swipe eye liner, mascara and lipstick on in minutes and work into the office on time.

I only wear make up to work and when going out 'proper' so it's always a case of having to find the time rather than it being a part of my routine.

In preparation  for Blog Camp I queried whether it was acceptable to apply nail polish on a train. After a resounding 'yes' the conversation moved onto the efficiency of applying make up on trains. And it would seem this is definitely commonplace.
I find it unreliable.
I never know how busy my trains are going to be and don't think I have the confidence to have someone watching this with cursory glances (because you know you would).
Eye liner would definitely be problematic. 
And also because I carry enough on journeys to London or Birmingham without adding my make up bag to the mix.
Me? I do my make up in the station car park.
My make up bag actually lives under the passenger side seat.
After nearly three years I have it down to a fine art. In the winter it's the same amount of time as the mirror light before it automatically turns itself out.

It means at home, whilst I scramble around to get ready at 5.30 I don't spend long enough with a light on to disturb anyone.

It means on the odd occasion I might hit traffic I have a bit of spare time to eat into (on those days I do without buying a coffee and run for the train).
And, once again, I wonder how I'd cope if I had to work in an office 5 days a week.

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