Friday, 11 April 2014

Creating an Easter Bonnet

We were away before Easter last year, so this was my first year to attempt making an Easter bonnet with Seren to take to school.
Of course, my first post of call was Pinterest where I found a great idea, unfortunately it was a link to ebay which was closed, and so I decided to figure out whether we could make our own version.

So, for Seren's Easter Bonnet we used:
  • Corrugated cardboard (from a parcel we received recently).
  • Green and yellow acrylic paint (from Home Bargains)
  • A leaf template in small and large
  • Gold glue
  • Paper plates
  • Elasticated ribbon
  • Easter chicks
  • Easter felt stickers (from Home Bargains)
  • Yellow feathers (from Home Bargains
  • Foiled chocolate Easter eggs (from Home Bargains)
  • A glue gun (and lots of glue sticks)
First things first, we printed off the leaf template, and I set Seren to work creating our petals.
We used eight large petals (the length of a page of A4) and five smaller petals (two per A4)- we probably could have done with six.
Mummy set to work cutting them out.

Everyone then set to work painting the petals (and one silly mummy forgot to put down a messy sheet.
Once all the petals were dry, we used glitter glue, just because, and I decided I preferred the corrugated side.
Two paper plates were painted to use as a base, one yellow to affix the petals and one green as the underside.
Using the glue gun, mummy glued the plates together, and affixed the larger petals to the yellow plates.
These were then decorated with little chicks, felt butterflies and felt eggs.
The smaller petals were all glued together at the base, and I then added the inner case of the ribbon holder inside, and folded and glued the petals around it, this time the corrugated cardboard was on the outside.
This was then glued to the middle and I added glue to the inside and stuck yellow feathers inside (with some foiled chocolate eggs for good measure.

To 'fix it' to Seren's head, a green strip of cardboard was created, glued to the green underside plate.
The strip had holes punched and an elasticated ribbon tied.
And it duly stayed put!
One happy child!


  1. Too cute! Love all the craft ideas people do xx

    1. It's rare we have the chance. But we all feel so proud of ourselves when we do!

  2. Oh bless her she looks rightly chuffed! Love this idea! x

    1. Thank you. It really does make me proud to see her taking pride in crafts. x

  3. So cute, a great make. She'll have every bee in the area landing on it!!

    1. Thank you so much - praise indeed :-) x She was definitely feeling like the Queen Bee!

  4. Wow that's amazing!!! So clever x

    1. Between your basket and this hat- we'll be sorted! x

  5. Love this idea, it looks brilliant! Have pinned :)

    1. Thank you so much. (It may not have lasted the day so securing the strap with staples is probably for the best!). x

  6. What a beautiful and intricate bonnet you have made. Very artistic.

    1. Thank you. Not something I'd ever imagine myself doing- but parenthood seems to bring out new skills on a regular basis :-) x

  7. Wow, what a pretty creation.
    Nice that they all worked together on it.


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