Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Creating an Easter Tree

This year, I have enjoyed getting the children involved in the run up to Easter.
To understand it's more than a day you wake up to chocolate eggs.

I decided to create an Easter tree, both for my own craft experiment, but also to get Seren involved.

We started early with a batch of small polystyrene eggs, some sequins and pins.
They make a wonderful contrast... albeit they were a little bit to teeny for a five year old.
Next we went with the awesome eggs we had seen so much of on Facebook and Pinterest. We of course made far too much of a mess of it, and our use of paste was 'excessive', but as the boys had also got involved it was more than fun.
 And they looked fantastic (albeit, not as transparent as we were aiming for).
After popping to Hobbycraft and investing in some medium and large polystyrene eggs, Seren and I had a lot more success in creating both button eggs together, and Seren experimenting with pens, paint, glue, glitter and sand.
 I carried on experimenting with ribbon, and before we knew it...  
And we are proud of our Easter tree.
Complete with cards from nursery and school.


  1. Wow, I really like the button egg! Beautiful... they all are!

  2. This is so pretty! I think I might have to copy! What a lovely idea xx

  3. You have made a great collection of eggs there. I've been meaning to try the sting eggs for while now, I just need to get some coloured string. I love your tree idea for displaying them.

  4. It looks wonderful :) I have to get the girls to try those string eggs :)

  5. These look absolutely fabulous! I love the one with buttons x

  6. Why is it I never see these brilliant ideas in time?! I love the gluey ones with the embroidery thread. Would really like to make some of those with my lot. Where did you see them on pinterest?

  7. What a wonderful and pretty idea. I love the way you have decorated all the trees.


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