Sunday, 6 April 2014

Pairs in Pears - A Banagrams game: Review

I was really excited to receive "Pairs in Pears" to review with my children.
Pitched at children from 3 years, the concept at it's most basic is definitely a great one.

Four sets of alphabet tiles, in different designs, the tiles are hard wearing and type fast.
An easy packaging, which will ensure all pieces are returned and held tight between play.
With a variety of suggested games, it demonstrates it can be as appropriate to an early learner as adults.

My children, aged 5, 3 and 3 were instantly all over it.
Admittedly we would have been better playing at the dining table, it was a loosing battle for mum.
And so the living room floor became the place for sharing tiles.
With three together, it quickly became apparent the games were a little too old for the 3 year olds.
Seren, newly 5, was right on target, and loved the word formation, patterns and creating symmetry.
For the boys, it was more about letter formation, the recognition of letters, and the matching of patterns.
The game will definitely be a mainstay of the playroom.
It will be great for supporting Seren's learning at school, and supporting her homework.
It will be good to support Tom and Seb as their formal education begins.
And I in a couple of years time, I can envisage them competing in the suggested games included in the Pear.
For Seren, it is perfect now.
For Tom & Seb, knowing that Seren learnt lower case letters before moving onto capitals (and still struggles with some) I would LOVE this to be available in lower case, as I really think it would support their early learning.
Writing this, Pairs in Pears is available on Amazon for £13.50.
Comparing this to the other toys and games this is definitely value for money, throw in the longevity of the game and it's definitely a worthwhile investment.

Disclosure: We received 'Pairs in Pears' for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views expressed are our own.

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