Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Potty training twins - (Hopefully) the final update!

The journey to toilet training Tom & Seb has been a long one.
Probably no longer than anyone else's.
Maybe they were a little older than yours.
But they are ours.

We potty trained their sister, at 3.
With hindsight it was plain sailing.
Seren never came home from school or nursery in her spare clothing.

The boys have been another story.
So happy to spend time in the home with no bottoms on.
They were completely 'potty trained'.
Put them in a pair of pants.
50:50 success rate.
Put them in pants and trousers.
0% success rate.

I was at the end of my ability to find solutions.
They had been offered a place at nursery school.
Dependent on them being toilet trained.
Would we have to decline it?

I bit the bullet, and accepted the open day invitation.
And I dragged the boys home crying,
I negotiated.
You are allowed to go back once you can show you can wear big boy pants with no accidents.

And that was that.

They have accidents.
But they are accidents.
Caused by mispositioning.
Or too happy to be distracted by a trip to the loo.

I am so proud.
I am so acknowledging of the differences in potty training.
Either completely different between boys and girls.
Or completely different between singletons and multiples.
Or completely different between individuals.

I am so happy, that they have found their motivation.
That it is school.

And as a reward they tried on their big boy school uniform.
With mummy safe in the knowledge,
that when the day arrives,
their big sister will be looking out for them.


  1. Thankfully those days are a distant memory. As the advise always say, they all get there in the end, hopefully!! Your photos of them are really cute, they look so happy to be in their uniform, which is the main thing after all.

  2. Well done to your boys.
    Btw they do look lovely in the uniforms!

  3. It took Maxwell ages to potty train... it was a nightmare lol!

    Well done boys! They look adorable in their uniforms xx

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