Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rickets - poverty, diet or sunshine?

I had a rare morning, I was staying overnight in Birmingham so got to watch at bit of BBC Breakfast in peace as I prepared for the day ahead.

There was a feature about Queen Elizabeth Hospital, it is a hospital close to my heart, a construction project I was lucky enough to be a part of, and, from what I've read in the press since it opened, has gone on to do amazing things.

The feature reported that QE Hospital was raising awareness of the rising number of children with rickets, with a four-fold increase in the number of cases.
Associating it with the 'Victorian disease' the report made reference to the associated causes of poverty, poor diet and lack of sunshine.

It does cause for concern for me, I have to admit to it barely being on my radar, and yet there is reference to breastfeeding mums needing to take vitamin supplements, to ensure babies are getting the right nutrients, that in our nation of sun-starved individuals we need to take advantage of good weather, that there is a safe amount of sun our bodies would welcome.
Being on of the Growing Up Milk Mums means I am of course more aware that I want my children to take advantage of good weather- our constantly open door to the garden is testament to this. I have become accustomed to making sure the right foods are in the little people's diets as I love the recipes which direct me to the right foods, and I appreciate we are fortunate that we can do this.

I guess sitting there, and listening to reports about appreciating the sunshine, diets, and then onto rising levels of pollution, made me realise how much, as parents, we need to balance.
Health and well-being are at the forefront of what we do. But it is the confusing message of the how. To go outside- to stay indoors, I understand it's everything in moderation, but to then ensure the right amount of Vitamin D, it would seem a good diet is the next, most important thing.
Hopefully, the Vitamin D Mission may help you if you're trying to maintain Vitamin D levels in your under-5's.

Disclosure: I am a part of the Growing Up Milk Mums Info Network. This post is a happy coincidence.

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