Saturday, 19 April 2014

Spring Cake Pops - Let's make a rainbow

Cake pops in our house are a staple.
I invested in a cake pop machine from Lakeland, so I could offer my little people bite size pieces of cakes, rather than cope with the crumbs of pieces of cake needing to be hoovered up.
And so, cake pops generally just get served like this:
Being able to make something special is always a treat, so when Renshaw's sent us some colour melts to create a Spring treat, well, with my daughter it didn't take long...
 "Coch a melyn a fioled a glas, Porffor ac oren a gwyrdd. Dyma lliwiau enfys, Lliwiau enfys, Lliwiau enfys hardd."
And so mummy went to work.
With lots of little hands helping along the way.
April Showers.
New Beginnings.
Fresh Hope.

A Rainbow.
And so we made our usual sponge mix:

Four eggs, weighed (far more than needed- the children eat lots of pops along the way).
The same weight in caster sugar, baking margarine, and self raising flour.
With a splash of vanilla essence (probably 1.5 tsps).

Cream the butter and sugar.
Add the eggs, one at at a time, and mix.
Gradually add the flour.
Add the vanilla essence and mix.

Warm up your cake pop machine.
Lightly coat with sunflower oil.
Add 3/4 tsp of the cake batter per 'pop'
Close the machine and leave for four minutes.
Leave to cool.

We used the Renshaw Colour Melts as per the directions.
(For all but the blue ones, where the children had been playing 'shop' and at some point during the checkout an accident had occurred. We used a bowl. Conclusion: the tubs are far more effective.).

And so, after the melt set, we created our rainbow.
With a shoe box from Mr J's new squash pumps,
And serviettes from the boys birthday.
Creating some new.
Creating Happy.
Disclosure: We received a Renshaw's Spring Bundle for the purposes of creating this post.


  1. They look amazing. The colour is so vibrant. Definitely going on my 'to try' list.

  2. Hubs bought me a cake pop maker a while ago - I still haven't used it! I can imagine it makes life a lot easier to bake them than to crumble up the cake like I normally do! Lovely vibrant colours x

  3. This is so awesome! I have never made cake pops but really want to give them a go. Maybe a cake pop machine is the answer :)

  4. Wow! They look awesome! I've never make my own cake pops but it's time to try ;) Thanks for the recipe!

  5. I'm going to have to get hold of one melts online, I've searched everywhere locally. They really look good!

  6. I love the cake pops, I can't imagin how you'd get little round cakes any other way. The coloured icing looks like a great idea, simple so but effective.

  7. These are brilliant! I've been thinking of investing in a cake pop machine, I too like the idea of mouthfuls of cake rather than slices :) love the rainbow x

  8. I'm always jealous when I saw these gorgeous little cake pops, such a great idea. I bet you get loads of use out of your maker!

  9. These cake pops look so cute I love the rainbow.

  10. They look so effective! Lovely and bright perfect for these sunny days!

  11. These look great, brilliant colours. Perfect for little mouths x

  12. Wow they are so colourful. I'm sure you could do something clever with them as part of a bigger cake design.

  13. Brilliant idea! And they look wonderful :)

  14. I've never seen melts before. They give wonderful, vibrant results. Impressive.

  15. The look fab and I love the colours

  16. They look great. I bought a cake pop tray for the oven but it just doesn't work. May need to invest in one of the machines

  17. Ohhh yummy they looks so fab .x

  18. I keep meaning to try making cake pops, I really must get round to it! x

  19. Wow, I have never seen cake pops, let alone coloured ones, what a fun idea! I'm intrigued as to what a cake pop machine would look like...

  20. They look amazing. I think that cake pops are always a bit of a chore when you have to make them by hand and I thought a machine would be another bit of kitchen kit gathering dust. Just goes to show me!

  21. They look amazing and so much neater than when I spend forever trying (unsuccessfully) to make them!

  22. I have never attempted cake pops but I really need to try them - they look amazing

  23. I love cake pops! These look yummy!! xx

  24. mm I must make some cake pops soon! x

  25. A cakepop machine sounds like a great idea. Rainbow coloured ones, even better!

  26. These look absolutely amazing, i love how bright and vibrant the colours are - perfect for Spring! Will definitely have to try making some of these myself! xxx

  27. Those colour melts looks brilliant and really easy to use. I'll have to get some for the girls :)


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