Thursday, 3 April 2014

Trying and hopefully succeeding- Celebrating life.

This week I wrote about the difference flexible working is making to my life.

As if Karma was playing it's part, yesterday I had an exceptionally good day.

I worked late on Tuesday, and for the first time in over 5 years my inbox was less than 25 emails.
And I enjoyed a sense of peace.

Despite working late, I woke in the morning in good spirit, and after receiving a text from a colleague I found I had 30mins to spare, so benefited from a leisurely start, compared to the usual chaos of breakfast and school runs.

And then, my day continued as the law of averages seems to be dictating at the moment, the good outweighed the bad. I think I am now at a 75% success rate of happy contract meetings.

And I managed to make an early train home, with my favourite lunch in hand.
Arriving home in record time for the school run.
And yet, rather than greet me in hugs, I was told to 'go away'.
That the boys were on the way to greet their big sister at school, and I could not be a distraction.

And then I got to be their distraction.
And I got to enjoy bathtime after my time away.

And then I got to disappear.
And have time enjoying me.
Zumba followed by Bounce.
Followed by a quick supermarket shop.
Which involved a request for ID.
And close scruting of my driving license.
with the line... "you look younger than that".

And so I drove home, singing my heart out to 'Wicked',
My reinvigorated love of the past month.

Today, I was tested.
The 75% rule applied.
That 25%.
That 25% would usually have sunken me.

And yet, this year I have learned, rather than acknowledge theory to live it.
Pareto's Principle.
I will invest my time in the aspects which will bring maximum results- whether that be happiness or ensuring I do what I am paid to do.
I will not allow my motivation to be affected by the 20%.
I will ensure that I do not get distracted by the things which absorb 80% of my time, which don't equal that in happiness, or results.
I am employed to do a job. I would like to do it. And finish up for the day. And continue to enjoy my day.
The 80% of my enjoyment, time with my children, which I only get 20% of my day to live.
I think I do my amazing team a disservice my investing 80% of my time in little result, whilst expecting them to deliver 100%.
I want to give my team the time they deserve from me for the effort and enthusiasm they bring.
I want to become the person who can give my team the 80% for their 80% spent being amazing at what they do.

I want to celebrate my children's achievements.
I want to enjoy being at work by recognising the good work we do.
Rather than being absorbed with the naughty step and errors (you decide which matches which!).

And always have three happy things to remember each day by!

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  1. Debbie your life sounds hectic but i love your outlook!
    Keep happy!
    I have not been asked for ID for ages!
    Model Mummy x


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