Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Exercise on tap: The TFL Centre, Barry

In February this year I started exercising. Regularly. At the TFL Centre in Barry.
It was shortly after attempting to go for a run.
And it taking far longer to get ready and recover than my body was prepared to run for.
My first proper exercise since attempting 'buggy bunch' after Seren was born.
Five years ago.

I made every excuse under the sun.
Most exercise classes are weekly, as I can not guarantee being home I can't commit.
Running was my attempt- I only need rely on me.
But the first attempt would turn out to be the last.

And then my Facebook timeline showed me the way.
A friend appeared to be booking Zumba classes at lots of different times.

So, I asked.
And I started trying to go three times a week.
Because classes are ever night, and there's a class during the day as well.

And no sooner than I started, than the TFL Centre agreed to get involved with Team Honk.
And got everyone involved in a Zumba Flash Mob.
From collapsing after a 5 minute run, to exercising in public!
And then, they added to Zumba with Barry Bounce.
30 minutes on either Sundays or Wednesdays.
And last week they added Fight Fit.
30 minutes on either Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.

And yep, Zumba on top.

And so, for £3.50 a session, or £20 for 10 sessions (Zumba), or £30 per month (unlimited).
I get this.

I get to escape.
The evening Zumba sessions are 7pm, so I can make sure the little ones have their evening meal and pyjamas on before leaving.
30 minute sessions can fit into my lunch break.

Exercise is not unobtainable if you find a place which suits you.
I know I have been fortunate.

And I have learned so much in the process.
Going to exercise classes will not help you lose weight.
Eating healthily and going to exercise classes will help you lose weight.
Eating healthily and going to exercise classes will give you a far better body.
Eating healthily and going to exercise classes will give you more muscle definition.

Eating healthily and going to exercise classes will help support a long term change.
The term 'diet' suggests short term gain for short term effort.
For change to become a part of you, it has to be something you can sustain.

I have also learned the impact of stress, lack of sleep and alcohol on creating a better body image.
As these have crept into my life, so my fitness has been impacted.
And I will continue to overcome those elements.

But the final thing I've learned,
The final thing I've learned is probably the most valuable.
One purchase will make the world of difference.


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