Friday, 9 May 2014

In front of my eyes- growing up too fast

Twin boys starting pre school
Some days, this day seemed a life time away.
Some days, the learning, the progress, reinforced they are ready.

And when the day dawned, and they knew it was The Day, the enthusiasm washed away any feeling of my babies.
These are my boys.

Ready for pre-school.
Ready to accept structure into their lives.

And if mummy needed any reassurance that all would be ok, the knowledge that they have a sibling on hand for comfort made it all ok.
Twin boys first day at school
They are still my babies.
They seem so much younger than Seren did on her first day.
So I need some reassurance.

But in truth, these are my boys, who only toilet trained on the basis of being allowed to start 'big boy' school.
They are more than ready to become. To grow. 
Twins starting pre-school
Their first week was not without concern.
A couple of 'accidents'.
Personal concerns about how identical the boys are now they 'have' to wear the same clothes.
Trying to differentiate, but not knowing whether this is the right thing to do.
The second week seems to be ok. As they adjust to their new routines
I hope to be back in a month, with reassuring words for parents of similar siblings (ID or non-ID twins) on things working out.

Regardless of my concerns, the boys are of course thriving.
Complaining on Saturdays of no school.
Bad mummy!

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