Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me and Mine - May

We were lucky this month.
The children had saved up their pennies and points to buy Skyline Gang outfits.
And had to wait for the morning delivery for the sizes we wanted.
And as the little people couldn't wait to try them on, there and then.
As a wonderful member of the Butlin's team offered to dispose of our packaging, so they offered to take our photograph.
I am so grateful.
It may not be perfect.
But it is a rare photo of us five.

And so,

Mr J is loving:
  • getting the Junior Squash sessions up and running, with great attendance.
  • Morrisons stocking chilli's.
  • How much the little people enjoyed their holiday.
Mummy is loving:
  • A week away together.
  • A night in with the best of friends.
  • Going red.
Seren is loving:
  • Candi from the Skyline Gang.
  • New pets- Goldie and Minnie, residents at Nana Windows.
  • Her holiday.
Seb is loving:
  • Room On A Broom.
  • The Skyline Gang.
  • Planning his next party.
 Tom is loving:

  • We're Going On A Bear Hunt.
  • Being Sprout.
  • Talking at ten to the dozen.

dear beautiful


  1. Oh they all look wonderful dressed up together - a lovely Me and Mine shot!

  2. Ahhh, love this photo, its so fun. And it looks like you had an amazing break at Butlins. x

  3. Aw such a lovely fun photo - looks like a great time was had by all x


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