Thursday, 1 May 2014

My work catchphrase

For a year I annoyed a lot of people I work with. I tried to use the words "it's a pilot." to justify things.
It didn't work.
I got thrown back with a lot of: "Can you imagine if I said that to my finance director?", "We're a commercial entity, that really doesn't do it."

And before I knew it, I had developed a catchphrase.
And I now, probably for a really obvious reason (because I think I may have nicked it from him), constantly feel like Daddy Pig.
Because, these are the words I can't stop myself from saying, almost on a daily basis.
I googled it, to see if it was Daddy Pig, it gave me 'Que Sera, Sera'.
I somehow don't think my lovely employers are ready for that.

And so, I am left with the age old (Chaucer) dilemma of fate vs free will.
And maybe, maybe it's a work saying, because at work I know I have no control over what my lovely employers want to do (as long as it's within the rules and all).
And maybe, just maybe, it isn't a reflection wholly of work, just some dimensions of it.

It is so difficult.
Difficult to not let dimensions become the whole.
That motivations remain.
Motivations to make a difference.
And to create the balance.
Reminded sometimes of a 'proper' quote- "The ends justifies the means".
Because "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow."

And, here we are, my team and I.
Trying to make sure, in spite of, that we are making a difference.

Do I believe that?
Today, and all the yesterdays before?
Is it getting more difficult to believe?

You cannot let the few distort the many.
You cannot let the dominant voice become the only voice.
You have to remember what you are doing this for.

That right has an inevitable way of succeeding.
That the memories are always those which are pure.

And so, a few great people are found at the surface:

And, for now, I hope it is worth keeping these words close.

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