Sunday, 11 May 2014

Siblings- May

The world has changed so much since our last Siblings post.
And their lives have changed immeasurably.

They have appreciated Easter.
They have experienced 'Frozen'.
And two of three have been introduced to pre-school.
Seren was overjoyed to welcome Ben Bear again this weekend.
And proudly, for her and her mum, part of the recognition was for helping others.
Sharing is a value understood in our home.
With three so close in age, how could it not be.

And so, for this month, as always,
I am blessed.
With children who teach adults so much.
With children who are so much happier to bring their disputes to resolution.
To children who are so willing to find ways to always be happy.

dear beautiful


  1. Love the joyful running of the three of them in the first shot! #siblings

  2. I adore that top photo. What gorgeous images

  3. My goodness that running shot is amazing! love your comment on sharing, so important!

  4. lovely family photos; I'm loving the stripey jumpers too!

  5. Aww so lovely to see the three of them together

  6. Ahh this is a lovely post. I love their matching jumpers x

  7. Such adorable photos. I love the top one of them skipping!

  8. Lovely post. And beautiful photos. They look like they're having lots of fun.

  9. What a lovely post and lovely pictures too.

  10. Aw such fun! Now I want to buy a striped pirate top and play in the woods too!

  11. I'll trade you 8 and a 6 year old girls who are constantly arguing and falling out! I'm hoping that one day they'll realise they do actually like each other and become life long best friends!
    Love the running photo :)


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