Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Start the Siren- Fireman Sam is on the way! #Review

You may have heard the rumours.
My home houses two Fireman Sam addicts.
Tom loves Sam, Seb loves Penny. And for some bizarre reason, Seren loves Station Office Steele.
Fireman Sam book Start the Siren
So, of course, Tom was over the moon to discover a new book.
You will note the magnetic qualities of the 'nee nah' sound button.
Fortunately the threat of loosing said book was soon introduced, and the magnetic qualities became replaced by a nod from mummy means one compress.
Fireman Sam book Start the Siren
The book had many magic qualities.
"We're going to read this at bedtime" suddenly translated as '"Bedtime!"
And the growing confidence of Tom, to read the book to his siblings was a joy for his mum to behold.
Fireman Sam book Start the Siren
Of the book itself, it features all the classic elements of a Fireman Sam episode.
An emergency, a naughty Norman Price diversion, and a hero.
To Tom & Seb it is truly a classic.

For any Fireman Sam fan, it is definitely an essential addition to the bookshelf.

Disclosure: We received a copy of 'Fireman Sam: Start the Siren' from Egmont for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Oh I believe there is a fireman sam movie on the way soon. My boys were not fireman obsessed, although I am (wink)!

  2. The girls used to love Fireman Sam. I think Mia will like this book with the noise button

  3. That sounds like a great book for any Fireman Sam fan! We are passed that stage now unfortunately, I miss Sam and Norman!

  4. Really/ There is a Fireman Sam movie as well as the Postman Pat one? I wouldn't have thought toddlers could sit through a feature length episode - or that I would want them to? My eldest was a huge fan of both though. And Rosie and Jim!

  5. We love Egmont! Joss loves Fireman Sam, to the rescue, sirens blasting!

  6. Well I'm not surprised that Fireman Sam was a big hit with Tome & Seb, they do look like they are having fun reading it

  7. My boys used to love Fireman Sam too when they were little.


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