Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Gallery: One Word

I guess this photo would sum it up in one word.
Where we were four years ago today.

And whilst I racked my mind for a photo for this week's theme. I gave up.
And thought what I would like to blog about today.

Four years of marriage.
These are the highlights of our day.

But they probably don't represent marriage.
They don't represent the shouting and bawling.
The love and the friendship.
The unruly hair, the wrinkles, the housework.

They don't show that we met six years earlier, that fateful day 2nd June 2004, which I can only recall because I dug out my diaries last week.
That we had a friendship, relationship and 14months of parenthood under our belt.
That for nearly two years of our four year marriage I had misplaced my wedding band, but that has altered nothing but the superficial.

That on the 1st July 2010, some six weeks after our wedding, we would see our ultrasound.
Of twins.
That since that day, in 2004, our lives have changed immeasurably.
That 2010 has an amazing hold.
That we have celebrated our relationship, along the road with some awesome, which is not an understatement, events.

But for today, the 21st May, we will celebrate the commitment, our marriage, our future.

Happy Anniversary Mr J.

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  1. Awww your photos are telling a lot of stories but mostly of love. Happy anniv you guys =) #TheGallery

  2. Awww lovely pics, Happy Anniversary :-)

  3. Beautiful photos. Happy anniversary!

  4. Lovely post, happy anniversary and many more to come #ThePhotoGallery

  5. Happy Anniversary you two. T'was a lovely wedding and enjoyed taking some of those photos. x.

  6. Wonderful post! Happy Anniversary :)


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