Monday, 16 June 2014

Having fun making treats #BahlsenBakeOff

When a bumper hamper landed on our doorstep much excitement surrounded it.
So wonderfully was it wrapped that Tom & Seb thought it must be a 'pass the parcel'.

It was in fact full of wonderful 'treats'.
Bahlsen treats to be specific.
I am a huge fan of their Choco Leibnix biscuits, I love how my teeth sink into chocolate before hitting a lovely biscuit.

And now the children have been introduced to Zoo Leibnix. I think this will be a familar in our shopping trolley.
How fantastic will Bento lunch boxes be with little animal biscuits?
How much fun can you have with maths as the animals come together in pairs?
Especially for the person who gets to eat them!

And our special parcel has two great recipe books- one which uses Choco Leibnix, and the other for Zoo Leibnix.
Oh! The decisions.

And whilst, there are so many I want to attempt.
I wanted to attempt to get the children involved in the whole process (as compared to the parts of cake baking they are 'allowed' to be in the kitchen for!).

And so we had so much fun.
My first ever attempt at s'mores.... hmmmm, won't take this approach ever again!
One attempt at chocolate dips... it worked.
And all accompanied by hot chocolate... the perfect accompaniment for any Leibnix biscuit.

And this was the fun we had.
(And yes, check out the fab Chef attire- this made our baking experience complete!

And if you liked this, check out the rest of the fun on the Bahlen Biscuits You Tube Channel!

Disclosure: We received a box of treats as part of the #BahlsenBakeOff Challenge. We were not asked to blog the experience... but had sooo much fun we had to!

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