Saturday, 7 June 2014

Make, Bake, Cookies - The Recipe Book #Review

Sometimes a book comes along to solve all your problems. As a Parragon Book Buddy I was over the moon to receive a book which might solve my baking nemesis- tasty biscuits!

I love this book- helpfully split into sections which include 'Soft & Chewy', 'Crisp & Crumbly' and ''Fun & Frosted' with practice I'm hoping to move away from crisp and break your teeth... or just tastes like flour.

There are so many fantastic recipes- all with ingredients which create fantastic tasting biscuits- I am so tempted to follow the pictures and package these ones as gifts:
 And once I get my fantastic tasting biscuits, I can't wait to try and create fantastic looking biscuits!
At over 180 pages there are so many recipes to choose from, I love the final chapter- 'Something a Bit Special' which definitely seems the culmination of tasty and terrific looking cookies, and maybe for Seren's next birthday I might be ready to attempt the amazing Rainbow Slice Cookies!

If you're looking for a book to perfect your cookies, with a RRP of £14.00 it is a worthwhile purchase compared to batches of binned biscuits, although I have just found it for £6.99 so definitely worth snapping up!

Disclosure: We received a copy of 'Make, Bake, Cookies' as a Parragon Book Buddy and for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.


  1. It looks like a great recipe book. I like that it's split into "soft & chewy" etc. Will have to keep a look out for this one :)

  2. What a lovely looking recipe book. I like how they have shown how to decorate the biscuits too, makes them look even more tasty.


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