Monday, 30 June 2014

Me and Mine - June

I had such a to-do list, so many would be ticked off in June.
And so, I didn't see predict that June's Me and Mine would be so close to May.
I had no idea as I wrote in May that I would be reaching with outstretched arm to snap Butlin's arm off to enjoy a Just for Tots break in Skegness as a Butlin's Ambassador.
I knew things were bad at work, I had no idea that they could get so much worse, and that I'd be thankful for being able to hold my children so close on our break.

And, yes, it's not that bad. I'm sure it's been far worse. I know it has.
And, yes, it's proportionate. To our life.
Because yes, I bring work home with me.
And I have felt destroyed.
I will look back on this.
It will be a time in my life.
But for now.
It is real.

And so I have been grateful.
For a husband who hugs me.
Who tries to tell me I have been here before.
And hugs me as I convince him this time it is worse.

For children who know no different.
Who just love free space.
Who are becoming the best of friends.
I can no longer differentiate whose friendship is strongest.
They are the bestest of friends.

And every now and again.
Every now and again.
I am grateful for them letting us be a part of it.

And so, as imperfect as our life is, here is our photo.
As always, on the holy grail of everyone looking in the same direction!

dear beautiful


  1. I often think that when life is totally manic, we enjoy the simplicity of time with family more. Sounds like Butlins came at exactly the right time for you, and these are such lovely photos. I just love the one of you all. x

  2. Your words are beautiful. I hope that things get better for you.
    Your photos are lovely, especially the last one x


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