Monday, 2 June 2014

Special treats for cats #review

There is nothing which makes Miller, our cocker spaniel, bark louder than the postman calling.
And nothing to make Fred, Ginger and Jewelly purr louder than the parcel being delivered containing lots of goodies from Pet Shop Bowl.

And this goody box contained treats which were thoroughly enjoyed!
Miller had always loved Canagan, so it was great for Jewelly to enjoy the same treat in the favourite fishy flavour which cats do seem to love. And just like Miller, not only did she love the biscuits, but she definitely had improved health so it looks like Jewelly is another convert to Canagan.
Canagan is on the more expensive side of dry pet food, but for our pets we definitely appreciate the difference in their diet and their energy.
Fred and Ginger had their treat by way of 'wet food', all our our pets are dry food eaters but they aren't especially selective if something takes their fancy!
James Wellbeloved food is a new brand for me, using natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours, it would definitely take my interst where Miller is involved in terms of improving digestion, and as well as wet food there is also a dry food selection.
For Fred and Ginger they devoured the lamb pouches, and they are so straightforward at feeding time.
Definitely one for treats for cats who are usually on dry food.
Seren was over the moon to have little treats to tease the cats with. She is trying to teach them to count, and Dreamies Mix was the perfect reward at a reasonable price for the amount of laughter which ensued.
And finally, the ultimate fun for any kitten, a laser to chase around the floor, walls, and in Seren's world- the ceiling.
I'm impressed with the range of products Pet Shop Bowl stocks, and how easy the website is to navigate, and given our ever expanding range of pets I think we'll be shopping often!

Disclosure: We received a Pet Shop Bowl Goodie Box for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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