Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Biter

I hope every family has one.

I remember Seren coming home with her first nursery accident report form.
She had been comforted, with a cold compress, the child at fault had been disciplined.
I joked with Mr J, I would rather be us than the other parent.

Almost five years on.
We have biters.

From a young age the boys have taken to launching their jaws into each other.
It's so difficult to manage.
Because one is no better than the other.
Seren, almost two years older, understands biting is wrong.
She has never been a biter.

The boys are the same age.
From hitting, pinching, pulling hair... and biting.
The boys fight.
Yes, they are lovers,
But yes, they know how to fight.

This evening as I sat in the office working late.
All hell broke loose outside.
I invited the crying child into my office.
Who displayed the bite mark on her school jumper.
"What happened?" I asked.
"X bite me" was the response.
Of course I wanted to understand the motivation.
"Because I wanted to come in and talk to you. But X said I couldn't. Because you were working. I tried. And he tried to stop me. And then he bit me."

I wonder about how much else is wrong with our lives, beyond the fact my son is a biter.

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