Friday, 13 June 2014

Word of the Week #WOTW

This week has been about reinforcing relationships.

Be it a morning in Llandaff.
An unexpected offer of a play date.
Reinforcing texts and support, helping working life seem bearable.
An invitation to a 'mum's night out'.
Last minute coffee dates.
Or the agreement to read over an application form.

This week I have only had one day working away.
And more so than ever I have been fortunate to watch my children.
I have even managed to finish work in time to take them to the park (twice!).

I have watched the resentment as Tom scoots faster, Seb climbs higher, and the jealousy caused by Seren's tooth falling out first.
Witnessed the tension as Seb remembers the words to 'Meg and Mog', Tom to 'Room On A Broom', completely trumped by Seren being able to read 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

And watched as they shared their food, got upset when one was missing, always named the others as their bestest of friends.
As they took it in turns to carry Jewelly's cat box to the vets.
As they counted to ten to share the holds of a very special snow-globe.

And so, this is my word, beginnings and maintained, all making lives easier.
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  1. Lovey word - sometimes friendship makes all the difference. Glad you got to go to the park too :-)

  2. What a fabulously positive post! I love the way siblings have this bickering thing going on so much of the time but then wander around like a little lost sheep when one is elsewhere! How wonderful that they are starting to know one another so well.
    Take care

  3. awww this is lovely, you are so lucky. true friends are PRICELESS. #WotW

  4. A lovely word, and a really heartfelt and beautiful post, too. Adorable photo, too. Thank you for sharing with #WotW


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