Thursday, 5 June 2014

YUUworld review- the YUUtuu children's bag

Seren loves bags, she puts her mummy to shame in her ability to choose the best bags- and she always manages to find all the extras- the YUUtuu bag is no exception- the first gadget she discovered was the whistle!
The YUUtuu is a children's activity backpack, designed to be functional and fun, they are perfect for travelling, for school or as an overnight bag.
Seren's bag came complete with an activity pack- including a magnetic snakes and ladders board, crayons and colouring pad- all which fitted perfectly in the various pockets along with her overnight essentials.
The bag also has an drinks container pocket on the outside- to stop any spills inside- in our case it was useful for Seren's hairbrush after a quick dash back to the house when I realised we had forgotten it!
Using it as an overnight bag, I was pleasantly surprised how much it held. My cynical side says the more pockets you put inside the bag, the less room there is. In the case of an overnight bag it was perfect- especially I am overly cautious and insist on packing spare clothes!

Seren was over the moon with her bag, with seahorses and starfish it definitely fits our lifestyle, of course Seren thinks the star makes it personal just to her, and and I am slowly adjusting to her insistence that her favourite colour is pink!
And what do I like about the bag?
Well, apart from the fact Seren loves it.
I love that it addresses the complaint my ballet teacher always had about backpacks.
It's more science than I'm usually happy to absorb, but YUUbags are ergonomically designed with a bespoke EVA foam panel and wide padded straps to ensure even weight distribution.
And the bag comes with clear instructions to show how backpacks should be worn to prevent pull on shoulders.

And so, this gets a big thumbs up from me!

What I do struggle with is the price point.
At £38 the bag is definitely in the higher bracket.
Although, it is comparable to the Trunki price point, and YUUbags are cleverly designed as cabin luggage in both size options.
And, I'm going to say it, and maybe as a 5 year old she's too young, but as an 8 or 9 year old, I would definitely want to invest in a backpack which protected posture. I think investing more for this benefit is definitely worthwhile.
For a five year old? Well, I'm going to keep an eye on the quality, the materials and design do appear to be an excellent standard, and going with my age old logic of a pound a wear (how I convince Mr J that my purchases make sense), this may well prove to be an excellent purchase. The quality of the zips, and the material as it is thrown about the place will definitely be the key to justifying purchasing the YUU bag in a couple of years time.

Disclosure: We were sent the YUUtuu for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views expressed are our own.


  1. The price does seem a bit steep but the amount kids have to carry to and from school (in France at least, I don't know about UK) probably makes it worth while due to the ergonomic/posture side of it.

  2. I have to admit to hoping you were going to post about this backpack when I saw it on instagram. I think Roo would love this, it's great that it fits quite a lot inside but they are still able to be independent and carry it.

  3. I do love the look of this bag style and colour! It is on the expensive side but I bet it's a bag that lasts :)

  4. They are great bags aren't they, definitely worth the higher price. Your daughter looks very pleased with hers!

  5. I keep seeing these and I think my boys need something like this, they have to carry so much to school

  6. I keep seeing these as well and I think it might be a good alternative to Harry's trunki for an overnight bag. Like you I tend to be over-cautious!

  7. It looks fab for a school-age child, although yes a little steep in price!xx

  8. I saw someone else review these too. They look great, but are a bit pricey! x

  9. I agree on price but then they look really sturdy too!

  10. Firstly, Seren is gorgeous and so is her name! :) I'm a fan of pink, and this is a beautiful bag. Nice that they've thought of getting in some games and activities, whenever we travel that's my biggest concern. I used to carry a backpack and back in the day, they paid hardly any attention to comfort..I can see this is very well made! Nice review, Debbie, I enjoyed going through it. x

  11. Joseph has pointed these bags out when he has seen them on tv and I was amazed at the price! They do look like fab bags but the price really does put me off x

  12. I really thought I had commented on this yesterday?! haha
    I love the look of the bag, the colour and design are so funky! I'm impressed with how much you can fit in too.
    It is a bit pricey but you mention how good it would be on your posture, which I suppose is worth the money. I remember lugging round a huge bag at school and it really hurt my back, so this would be great.

  13. Lovely backpack but I agree that £38 is too expensive as most backpacks are half that price.

  14. I like the thick straps on this bag as they are often quite thin and can dig into the shoulders. The colours are bright and I think as a present the price is ok - especially if they last!

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