Monday, 28 July 2014

Dem boys - twins at 3 and a half

I've realised I haven't written about Tom & Seb for a while.
As babies and toddlers you monitor development so closely.
Aware of milestones, aware of development stages.
For me, as they've grown as content individuals I've just enjoyed the journey.

Tom and Seb are the best boys a mum could want- in a completely biased way.
I think there is something about bringing up twins which means good behaviour becomes a norm, there is not enough time to spend pushing boundaries, as it's usually a competitive game, far better to compete for compliments.
Far from perfect behaviour of course, Seb still has the best bottom lip sulk (although he now knows to bite it in too!), and Tom can be the naughtiest in a more stealth like way.

Having finished a year at playschool and a term at nursery school, it was interesting to read and listen to feedback.
"Seb loves to help and will often help without any prompting."
"Tom is sensitive to the needs of others."
"Whilst Seb is not keen on organised group play like circle and storytime he loves to play as part of a group or one or two friends."
"Tom loves to play as part of a group and loves circle, music time and storytime and has excellent concentration and listening skills."
I love how the boys differences are coming out to other people- they are twins, they are being raised by the same parents, in the same environment.
But their sharing of a birth date does not define them.
Despite their similarities, they are individuals.

Seb has his dad's attention threshold.
His dad insists he has a fear of flying. From flying with his dad, I put money on the fact his dad has a fear of being in the same space for long distances.

Tom is demonstrating that he is a little more mature than his brother, more ready for the classroom environment.

And yet, as the mum who reads them a bedtime story each night, I wouldn't have reflected the differences both playschool and nursery school have reflected.

I love this about the boys benefiting from the many people around them.

I took them for their jabs today. With the more subtly presented question of who is least likely to cry. And I got it wrong- of course.

These boys of mine.
Every day they give me a reason to love them more.

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