Friday, 25 July 2014

Fun Food Friday

As the need for packed lunches is put on hold until September I thought I’d to a summary post of where we got to ahead of the summer break.
Seren’s lunches are very ‘pink’, the only thing keeping me going is her blue Sistema lunch case!
I’ve been amazed by how much Seren has taken to having Brechdannau (packed lunch) rather than Cinio (school dinners) given her resistance.
Although I have been a bad mummy, and on bad days at work I don’t necessarily have the motivation at 9pm to get her lunch ready, when it got to the point of tantrums at 8am because she found out she had do have cinio- cue a mad lunch to prepare brechdannau, I knew we had made the change.

Seren’s lunches at the moment are mainly around the cookie cutters we have for baking, picks and silicone cases we’ve acquired from ebay, supermarkets and Eats Amazing, and my all time favourite- the heart pots (which we are desperately in need of a more generic version!).

And already Tom and Seb see it as their special treat to have a packed lunch so we’re definitely making progress.

And, now we’ve made the conversion to brechdannau, we’re now incorporating lots of new foods. Tom and Seb are definitely a lot more open to this, however I’ve discovered with Seren the trick is to give them names other than what they are, so whilst Seren doesn’t like raisins, put yoghurt covered raisins in a heart shaped pot, with a heart pick, and call them ‘happiness’- well, we’re onto a winner!

And so we’re looking forward to a summer of brechdannau being a treat, and picking up some more lunch boxes in addition to the fantastic strawberry one from Eats Amazing (bad mummy for only purchasing one it would seem!!).

Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday


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