Thursday, 31 July 2014

In search of the next milestone- Dry Nights! #Review

There are milestones which are ticked off.
Milestones which are open to the public to observe (and judge!).
And those which we monitor as parents, comfortable of achieving in good time.

In this category I keep, using cutlery, moving from plastic to china, the goodbye to soothers, and dry nights.
Dry nights is the one thing I have no desire to influence.
History dictates children will do this in their own time, that diet and circumstance can influence, and create forward and backward steps.

And yet, there is no doubt, in our family, with Seren as big sister, that growing up to become big boys is well and truly on the priority list.
With Seren, I was convinced of waterproof sheets.
They didn't work.
They were noisy, and it just encouraged Seren to bed swap.

With Tom & Seb we have been introduced to Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats. The perfect solution to any accidents.
The reality that they are unnoticeable means we have added one to Seren's bed. She may never need it, but she doesn't know it's there either.
And, as motivation, we discovered 'big boy pants'.
The perfect incentive for Tom & Seb, following this being this term being the original incentive for them starting 'big boys school'.
And of course, the dinosaur design has been the perfect motivation.
Between big boys pants and bed mats, we're now set for the boys having Dry Nites.
And like becoming dry in the day, I know they'll do it perfectly, in their own sweet time.

If you need any support on your little ones potty training journey- check out the potty training bus- anything to support the graduation is worth any advice- and with two- the financial savings have made a world of difference!

Disclosure: We received a goody box from Huggies for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views are our own.

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