Friday, 4 July 2014

It's over

I have to be honest.
Whilst this week has seen some gorgeous weather.
Wonderful, happy children.
From a work point of view I am glad to wave it good bye.
An email last Friday turning this week on its head.
Some enjoyment was created, lots of knowledge building.
Going back to what I love. Interpreting. Rationalising. Learning.

Then, there were the inevitable things.
The restructure became real.
The resignation I didn't want to receive, landed.

And then, to the week turning, to today.
The focus of a week's efforts.

I joked with a colleague.
"Are you feeling confident?" he asked.
"Of course" I responded, "I drove into the station car park in Cardiff and there was only one space left. It's a sign."
"And then," I continued, "After accidentally getting on the wrong tube, and only noticing because I had stayed in signal (overground) for so long I realised I was travelling in the wrong direction. But, I had managed to send some urgent emails, reboard the right train, and then when I got to my destination, I had to choose between two exits. I chose. And not only did I look around when I surfaced and immediately saw my hotel, but it's next door to a Starbucks. Sign number 2."
He asked me how much preparation I had done.
I don't necessarily think he saw my point.

I phoned said colleague as I boarded the train back to Cardiff.
"It's in the bag" I reported.
"Really?" he replied, "What did they say?"
"Oh.They didn't say anything. I won't know anything 'til the end of the month. But I got to Victoria early, managed to grab a coffee from Starbucks. And as I sat near the venue (changing my flats for heels), a car stopped at the traffic lights, with Pharell Williams' "Happy" blasting."
I was met with silence.
"It's a sign." I urged.
"And not just a sign, but sign number three. And fantastic things always happen in threes."
"It's in the bag" I reiterated.

Disclaimer: I resolutely have no confidence about the outcome from today. Apart from having gained a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. I do however feel confident in my ability to find positives in difficult times!
The Reading Residence


  1. I do love the way you've looked at this week, turning each moment into a positive x Hope it does all turn out okay x #WotW

  2. I love the positive attitude you have. I really need a dose of that. Hope the signs are all correct - they seem very promising #WotW

  3. Loving this positivity and clearly, they are signs! I do hope you get the news that you want x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. A trait that I want to have, finding the positives on negative situations. Good for you and goodluck with this gig that you are doing. #wotw

  5. Fingers crossed for you!


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