Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lady Rizo at the Blysh Festival #Review

Photo credit: Wales Millennium Centre
"I need a night out" the conversation began.
"How do you all fancy seeing Lady Rizo as part of the Blysh Festival. Could be fun." came the response.

There is nothing quite like a night of holding hands and stepping into the unknown.

There is nothing like unequivocal enjoyment, laughing because it is funny, aghast because it is funny, caught in a tale that you have no idea of its truth, yet by the end you are sold, the conviction has you.

Lady Rizo's performance is categorised as 'Cabaret'. And I'll be honest, not usually something I'd think, "Yes, please, get me a ticket".
But J's ability to choose all the best theatre meant I was saying "Yes. Please. Get Me A Ticket."

A little deeper, Lady Rizo has been described by the Edinburgh Evening News aptly as: "a martini-lapping American songstress with a great voice, soused in a mischievously heady cocktail of charm, wit and gin..."

And I'm still not sure that touches the surface.

I fell for the voice, a cross of all your favourite American comediennes.
I fell for the voice, I was convinced at one point the gorgeous blonde resonated so much of Amy Winehouse.
Only for her final performance, to be filled with so much emotion, this I fell for, hook, line and sinker:

And of course, it had just been about the singing, it might not have been a great night out.

It was the rapport.
It was the absolute laughs.
It was laughing because it was truly the safest option.
It was being amazed at the interaction.

The amazing control of her audience.
The amazing power of her voice.
The humility of the night.

Of course, as we walked away there was awe.
"One day".
Yes, I'd love to be Lady Rizo when I grow up.
Unfortunately I doubt three children in tow will have the same vibe.
And that's what it was all about.
For one night.
I was Lady Rizo's confidante.
Maybe one of quite a few.
But in my life, that's good enough.

PS Lady Rizo is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August and in London in September. Definitely Get A Ticket, if you can.

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