Tuesday, 1 July 2014

On this day... four years ago.

As Tom cried out in his sleep I went upstairs to comfort him.
I sat and watched him and his brother.
So comfortable in each other's company.

Over three years sleeping together,
They intuitively understand the difference in the other's cries.
They seem to know the difference between ill and unhappy.
Ill warrants joint cries.
Unhappy only needs one, because mummy's cwtches are all that is needed.
Ill cries need attention, mummy or daddy.

I watch them.
And I am amazed.
These long legged boys were once cwtched up together in my tummy.
These boys were once so teeny that their early baby vests swamped them.

These boys.
These boys which have overturned our lives.
The truth that whilst all my babies were born in England.
All have now lived longer in Wales.

Four years ago.
The three of us heard of these two little babies growing.
We drove to Manchester.
Seren was going to see 'In The Night Garden Live' and we decided she should have an Upsy Daisy costume.
As we drove home, Mr J broached the subject.
We would have to move to Wales.

Four years ago.
The idea of twins was a shock.
A flippant comment about initial exhaustion came true.
We had no idea, we had not contemplated what our future would hold.

And it has been exhausting.
Frustrating, chaotic, bewildering,
There have been tension, arguments, and lines drawn.

And yet.
We couldn't have laughed more.
We couldn't have appreciated more disbelief.
We couldn't have given nor received more love.

Four years ago.
This image changed our lives forever.

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