Monday, 14 July 2014

Ordinary Moments- Play time

I can reflect honestly, three children under 22months wasn't easy.
We sail our own ships.
We each find our own path to family.
And we are thankful that ours has been as straightforward as we could have hoped.

And with that, comes these children.
Whom we have brought up, to be strong, committed, loving, and true.
Which isn't always easy when you're one of three.
The eldest, the middle child, the youngest,
The girl, or the boy.
The tiredest, or the most energetic.
This is their everyday.

And so, this weekend, I sat back.
And breathed something I have not appreciated before.

A moment's peace.
It happened.
It happened whilst all three engaged in playing Tom's Fireman Sam favourite on Saturday.
It happened whilst they played Seren's Ben & Holly (and everyone's) favourite on Sunday.

I have lived, I have breathed and I have not noticed.
This is how my children have grown.
To interact, to laugh, to play.
What we were all born to do.
I am here. With them. But now looking in on friends.

And, maybe next week, I'll get all confident on me, and make myself a coffee and be able to drink it whilst it's hot.
But for now, I will celebrate a new ordinary moment.
Playing together.
Appreciating each other.
For as little or as long as the moment lasts.
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  1. Aw what a beautiful post. There is nothing better than sitting back, even if it is just for a moment, and watching your children playing together. I sometimes get goosebumps when I watch mine and I flash forward to what it might be like in a few years. I love watching their bond develop. And a little bit of peace is most definitely always welcome! x

  2. We really need to step back sometimes to see how much our children has grown. To see how they are now more mature and more confident #OrdinaryMoments


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