Monday, 21 July 2014

School smart with Matalan #Review

Boys Matalan School Uniform
We have been very fortunate to have three children who love school. 
Ok, two of them are three and the other is five. 
So, when Matalan sent them a set of uniforms, the excitement was palpable.

Uniforms to be have become to me, like most parents, the holy grail.
I have already given up on a uniform which will last the year, my children are growing far too fast.
Instead I want something which washes well, that continues to look as new as possible, despite the intense wear my children subject their clothes.
Would a uniform from Matalan tick boxes for us?
Matalan Summer Girls School Uniform
 Seren's school uniform definitely did.
Washing school summer dresses in the past has seen the fabric tighten and become taut. Washing the Matalan dress, I was pleased that it kept its size, shape, and soft feel.
Whilst the children do wear the logo emblazoned cardigans and jumpers, in a sweatshirt material, in the good weather we've been enjoying, the Matalan cardigan gave Seren a bit of cover for the walk to and from school, and looked really smart on her, so I do like having this in her wardrobe.
Seren loved the socks. Admittedly I had no idea what a difference these socks would make to Seren's life. I feel like a bad mum. They are The Socks. At £3 for 3 pairs we will definitely be stocking up on these for next term- I guess Seren feels about socks the way I feel about stationery!
School uniform for girls at Matalan
In Seren's first year at school she has worn out three pairs of shoes and two pairs of trainers. And her feet haven't really grown. I loved the shoes we received, they were a good fit, comparable to her most recent pair of Clarks shoes in style and materials, and Seren loved them. Job done.

The boys are a bit more straightforward. 
Not having so much of a summer uniform we are very reliant on the quality of their polo shirts, which have fast become the bane of my life. 
I am a little bit grateful that I looked very co-operative when I offered to dress Tom in blue shirts to help with the initial identification of my twins. Truth be told, I have so many problems with my whites, and more so with the amount of stains we manage to attract. And then, add frustrations about shrinking shirts, how quickly they look like we've dragged them back out of the laundry basket.
This was to be the real test.

Matalan School Uniform for young boys
And whilst they've only had a fortnight's test, I am really pleased with the results. 
I can spot the difference between the Matalan shirts and those from two supermarkets when they are all hung together in the wardrobe (they may only have started school at Easter but I was already so disappointed with one supermarket's polo shirts I stocked up with another's!).
Tom & Seb are liking their uniforms. A great start.
They are a little big (I opted for the age above as they are nearer to 4 than 3!).
And like Seren's cardigan, they've had a lot of wear from their jumpers with the weather being so favourable.

And so, yes. We're liking Matalan's uniforms.
We especially like the price point.
We've been impressed with how they wear and they wash.
Matalan School Uniforms for boys
Disclosure: We received three sets of uniform for our children in return for an honest review. Opinions and views contained are our own.
Matalan School Uniform


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