Thursday, 10 July 2014

Siblings- July

This past month has seen so many adventures.

In school, Seren has experienced her first sports day, spelling bee, and school report.
How pleased was I to read how suited my daughter is to her name.
Tom & Seb experienced their first 'graduation', albeit theirs will be next year. We were able to witness their differences in a school setting, how seriously Tom takes his education at this young age, putting his heart and soul into his singing and counting; how Seb has his Daddy's boredom threshold, his sister's stubbornness, and if he sees his mummy, there is a magnet pulling him to her knee.
We managed to use the month to run away to Skegness with the little ones, to take them to a fab Routes to Reading day in Bristol, and really to make the most of them whenever we could.
 We witnessed their happiness, joined in with their laughter, and embraced their love.
My children have been my sanctuary.
My sanity.
My happiness.

They intuitively know when all I need is a cwtch.
They intuitively know when all I need is to pretend I am a horse and circle the room with a child shouting 'giddy up' on my back.
They know the value of a bedtime story to bring us home.

And they value each new experience.
From being able to create the momentum to swing high.
To piecing a jigsaw into a picture.
And taking over bedtime reading duties for a short while.

And as I get to be the observer.
To watch their roles unfold.
I remember being a part of my daughter learning to fly a kite.
And standby. As a spectator. As her brothers learn.
dear beautiful


  1. AWESOME kigus! I have the dino one on the left myself (only in a much bigger size!) Obviously a young man of great taste ;)

  2. I love the word cwtch, being from Wales myself. it's such a Welsh saying :) Great photo of the kids altogether. Did they get caught in the rain?

  3. I love those huge deck chairs.

  4. Loving their outfits - such cute children!

  5. Those Kigus are the best!! Thanks for inspiring me to get the kids some :)

  6. This is such a lovely post hun. I adore the pictures x

  7. Oh wow what a month of firsts! I love the picture of them in the deckchair; they look so small but cosy tucked up together!

  8. What is a cwtch? Lovely images and I adore the water one!

  9. Lovely photos - that water one is brilliant, really capturing a fun moment!

  10. What a really lovely post, children are precious and I love how happy your three look together.

  11. I only have one son and from time to time he tells me how much he misses having siblings. I grew up with my sister and always wanted to have children close to one another. It's sad it wasn't possible.

  12. Ahhh, this is such a lovely post. It's amazing how intuitive our children can be, and it's such a privilege to get to witness all these important moments in their lives. x

  13. What a really warm post, love the photo of them on that giant deck chair - makes them look tiny!

  14. brilliant pics! I love that second photo too, one to frame! x

  15. I love the first photo with them all holding hands - what a team!

  16. Thanks for the information.keep sharing more


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