Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Gallery- The Great Outdoors

I know we live with the perfect backdrop.
The Bristol Channel, overlooking England.

And yet, for some reason, this year has seen my increased focus on heritage.
Whilst I would focus on this year being four years on since *that* ultrasound.
I would latterly realise that it also means our children have lived longer in Wales, than their country of birth.

I love to hear Seren talk of 'Todmorden'.
I breathe in her Yorkshire pronunciation.
Now speaking with Welsh and Yorkshire tongue.

My daughter.
Just over 2.5 years living in England.
With the best winter.
Her first Christmas saw snow.
The perfect outdoors.
My snow baby.
I know people complain about the snow.
But now, we don't get much, if any snow, and when it does snow the sea air seems to dispel it.
Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery


  1. We didn't have any snow again last winter. 3 years with no snow, my kids would love this. It does feel strange to see snow in July but I'm sure winter will be here again soon enough.

  2. I sure we didn't have snow last winter. It was a mild one. Wet and mild. I love the snow. Especially walking across the fields in it. Children and snow is the most fun though. It's like being at the beach but without all the horrid sand between your toes bit!!!

  3. *shivers at the thought of winter.... I am all about the summer


  4. Dare I say I actually miss it. #TheGallery

  5. Hoping for snow this winter...will be so much fun with a 2.5 year old!


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