Thursday, 24 July 2014

What I'm Doing Now #WIDN

I've loved reading everyone's 'What I'm Doing Now' posts and finding inspiration for the summer holidays, so what I got tagged by Boo, Roo and Tigger Too I suddenly felt a little pressure to figure out what I am actually doing.

So, following the questions posed:

Currently I am:
Dreading going back to work. I've only had two days off. And it's nearly the weekend. But working from home with the little people on their holidays is not a great feeling.
So, I'm taking my mind off it, with to-do lists for activities, baking plans, and thinking about a night out with the girls tomorrow.

Thanks to a holiday in Butlin's where I finally managed to catch up on some reading, I currently have two books still on the go. One is Harlan Corben's 'Six Years', the other Dan Brown's 'Inferno'. And based on a recommendation, I also managed to pick up the novel which inspired Wicked... so I have to get back reading. Generally my day to day reading involved Biff and Chip, Fireman Sam, Meg and Mog, The Gruffalo or the Enormous Crocodile. Obviously, I started with the books with a few more pages to feel good about myself!

Listening to:
For some reason I've been revisiting bands of the past, so I'm currently flicking between The All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Ash and Counting Crows.

Laughing at:
Orange is the New Black. Having finished watching Breaking Bad, I've found another way to stream my humour.

Swooning over:
Where to start. It's my birthday next month, so I'm creating a list of everything I can't have.
I've managed to take it down to a list of three.
  • The Cricut Explore
  • A waterproof camera/ recorder
  • Garden furniture.
I'm not optimistic.

I'm already planning for the time off I have at the end of August.
I suspect it's going to involve camping, so I am checking out our new surroundings to see what exploring we might be able to get up to.

Eating lots of:
I'm just out of a tooth infection which saw all food rejected.
So, I've been baking some favourite things to cheer me up.
Today's blueberry and lemon cake was a success.

Anxious. Nothing new there at the moment. Work still has a cloud hanging over it, which has been joined by the cloud of not wanting to be there when I could be enjoying the time the little people are off.
But, I'm kicking myself into touch, shaking it all off and finding my optimism. I have a job, I have a wonderfully happy family. What more could a girl need?

My children again. The summer holidays mean I get to watch them play, interact with them, have the best conversations, and having the best of times... between breaking up the fights, dealing with tantrums, and wiping away tears.

Looking at:
Places to go over the summer. Camping supplies. Baking ideas- oh yes, the new series of The Great British Bake Off will soon be back and I'm so excited that Jenny will be running The Great Bloggers Bake Off again!

Maxi dresses and Birkenstocks. The only way to survive this weather. I dread work days, but I have the tan lines my Birkenstocks to look at as a reminder of happiness.

I leave Mr J to the majority of the savoury stuff and concentrate on desserts. Mr J's favourite is the Peanut Butter and Oreo no-bake cheesecake, and I've converted my favourite Starbucks muffin into a cake. And this, this was for Seren's end of year party- simply delicious!
Fortunately life at home is pretty trouble free as far as pondering is concerned, of course with more money, with more whatever we could do whatever, but we are completely grateful for our lot.
So, I spend most of my time wondering about work, whether to stay or go, and with the reality of staying, how I can make sure I'm happy at work. I'm pretty resigned to the fact, that I would be happy if the existing cloud would rain somewhere else.

Trying out:
Making videos. I've really enjoyed putting our recent holidays into a video with some favourite tracks. And really hope I can do a few more over the summer break.

And so, in tagging a few more to play the meme forward, I tag The Boy and Me, Keep Up With The Jones Family and the Diary of the Evans Crittens.

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