Friday, 25 July 2014

Word of the Week #WOTW

I took part in The Reading Residence's Word of the Week linky a fortnight ago.
Writing my post on the Thursday evening, to publish on the Friday morning.

By the time I finished work that evening my world had turned full circle.
Issues were no longer issues. Concerns seemingly irrelevant.

Over the past fortnight, my life has been turned upside down.
I have realised just how much I didn't know.
I'm not sure why information wasn't shared.
And I can't get my around what would have been different if the information had been shared.

So, I have concluded.
We are where we are.
I cannot undo what has been done.
The next stages are known.
They are beyond unpleasant.
They will tear at people's sanity more than my own.
But they are known.
And I cannot do anything to change what happens next.

I can influence what I do.
I can find my positives.
And I can become happier.
I can ensure those around me have limited impact.

And I can leave work at work.

And enjoy my family.
And the happiness they bring me.
Word of the Week

The Reading Residence


  1. Oh I hope you are o.k., sounds a bit stressful x

  2. I'm sorry that things have been so unsettling, but you seem to have managed to get through it with a positive attitude which is wonderful. I hope you remain optimistic x #WotW

  3. This sounds huge, Debbie. All I can really say is that it sounds like you're going to do what you can to focus on family and protecting them, and keeping things happy at home. I do hope the fallout isn't too horrendous for you and you manage to remain optimistic x Thanks for sharing with #WotW and good luck with it.

  4. Seems like something big is happening in your household and I hope that everything will be okay. Its so hard to be positive in trying times which shows how brave and strong you are. #wotw


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