Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Building memories, creating friends #Review

How excited was I to receive an invitation to the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Cardiff.
I can't tell you how many times we have walked past. Never stepping inside.
Like Disneyland, I wanted to save this experience for when my little people would appreciate it most.

And when the invitation arrived, I knew it was the perfect timing to reinforce the end of our summer holidays.
To give them reassurance as we return to routine, and each need something to cuddle a little tighter at night.

As we entered the store, I knew I had make a slight error in surprising the children with the experience rather than explaining the process.
They were each overwhelmed.
This would be the place of their favourite dreams.
A teddy-bear workshop.
How could I have been so naive?

We were in luck.
Jon, a wonderfully attentive team member took the children under his wing.
Explaining everything.
Remaining patient when important decisions needed to be made.
I loved how involved the children were able to be.
The decisions they needed to make.
Choosing their bear.
Deciding on the perfect sound.
And the best place to squeeze to be soothed.
Filling their bear to the perfect cuddling capacity.
Choosing a heart and making it theirs.
With a rub, a kiss and a wish.
And once complete.
Bathed, and cleaned.
Becoming theirs.

Fortunately, Jon was there throughout, ensuring the little people understood why everything they did was so important to their bear.

Like many other team members in the workshop, creating so many perfect bears for children completely enthralled by the process.

And, by this stage, my children were finding their feet.
And with confidence there was no stopping these little people.
Fortunately the range of clothing met their current preferences.
Fireman and Mermaids were order of the day- as they have been our Summer break.

And with outfits chosen and bears dressed.
The most important step remained.
Choosing names.
Creating certificates.
(And it transpires, like our pets, 'microchips').
And so, 'Sparkles', 'Spiderman' and 'Spidey' came to be.
And with backpacks loaded, so my little people got to parade their bears through Cardiff.

And they have been the focus of attention since.
The backpacks are sleeping bags, ready for the next camping trip.
Thoughts of all the outfits have been discussed.
The need for pyjamas, and casual clothes.
The thoughts of counting pennies.
And special occasions.

And as mummy, I am overwhelmed.
The care and love shown through the creation process.
The ownership is more of affection than territory.
And this makes me so happy.

Disclosure: We received three bears and their accessories as part of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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