Thursday, 28 August 2014

Creating the perfect love

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Nothing can prepare you for the love for a child.
No amount of reading, reflection, or counsel can prepare you for the moment the line appears on a stick, nor your baby being placed in your arms.
Choice upon choice becomes more relevant as a new parent, washing baby clothes ahead of arrival, deciding on pram systems, bouncers, moses baskets, bedding and  fabric conditioner become more than you have thought possible as an outsider looking in on parenting.

And yet, the moment you hold your newborn in your arms, you know there is no choice.
You can only do the right thing by your child.

A reliance on research when being made aware of the likelihood of prematurity in multiple births.
Wanting to do everything possible to nurture and protect a newborn baby.
Knowing you have to accept at times nature rather than nurture.
And remaining true to yourself in doing everything possible to ensure the health and wellbeing of your child.

As a parent, more than ever you become reflective of your own upbringing.
In my case, grateful, to my parents for the upbringing I received.
Little things to hone in on, rituals, routines, habits and morals.

Things that were enshrined within our childhood: family, smells and textures; Friday night fish 'n' chips, rain on pavements, crochet blankets, motorbikes and muddy fields, Persil and Comfort.

Persil and Comfort have been the things that whether we can afford them or not, my mum has kept clear in our priorities, popping to Asda to keep us stocked when she knows our car tax is due, checking our cupboard to make sure we are keeping our only using Persil Non-Bio, and smelling our laundry- because she can't stop herself- for hints of Comfort Pure.
I wish I could argue with her, to challenge the rationale.
But when you tuck yourself up in fresh bedding, which smells good, feels soft, and is gentle against your skin.
There is no discussion.
The family ethos remains the same, making sure my little people are cared for, that they are happy and healthy.
Chiming closer to home than ever is the support for #Mums4Tommys offered by Persil and Comfort. I have to put it into black and white, from August 23rd, in conjunction with Asda, Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure will donate a total of £100,000 to Tommy's to support research into the prevention of miscarriages, premature births and stillbirths.
If you pop into Asda you can pick up the Persil Non-Bio 25w and Comfort Pure 42w promoting Tommy's and after being invited by #CollectiveBias to pop into our local store, it was good to see the promotion in the laundry aisle.
Whilst for the majority of parents, fortunately, pregnancies will be risk assessed, there will be no need to check out the resources on the Tommy's website. There will be no need to become familiar with the terms which Tommy's has become attuned to as a part of the pregnancy or post natal process.

For us, the moment a multiple birth was mentioned, everything was on the table.
And due to fantastic research and medical support we managed to keep our little ones 'baking' for 36 weeks.
At that was with the knowledge, and associated monitoring of knowing twin 1 stopped growing at 30 weeks. Thanks to research and expertise, our medical team knew how to keep our pregnancy going, and how to deliver the tough love of when to stop pregnancy in favour of post-natal support.

Being prepared is all you can ever do as a parent, accepting what is in your control.
Being informed, using resources which Tommy's provides, was key to me.
To know, that I had the more relevant information to support my family.

And now, with a five year old and two 3 year-olds, we are fortunate. We find time to smell the flowers.

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