Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Learning to sing.... when it all goes down hill.

This summer Seren has become a complete diva when it comes to 'Let It Go'.
Amazingly confident in front of any audience, if she loses herself and forgets the words, she informs them she needs to start again from the beginning.
I am naive. I couldn't wait for my child to be able to sit down with me and watch a Disney film.
Mental images of hot chocolate, popcorn, blankets, a sofa and lazy Saturday afternoons.
The reality is somewhat different.

This summer, Seren phoned me on the way home from work.
This was my, rather public, response.

I was rather proud of my daughter.
As she interchanges between Blue October and Biffy Clyro.
As all three little people request "banging tunes" when we get into the car.

I can't help but feel I've lost her.
For at least ten years, before her rebellion kicks in.

So, of course I uploaded this video to the Virasoothe facebook page.
With not only the proud parent, Seren singing her favourite song and (fingers crossed) standing a chance of winning £500.

If you've got a video of your little one singing their favourite song, definitely pop along to Virasoothe and upload it!
It'll definitely capture your memories of Summer 2014.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you from the markettiers4dc Parenting Broadcast Bloggers Network.

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