Monday, 18 August 2014

Life - August 2014

Some days, you sit and watch.
Some days, you are far away, and you kick yourself for not interacting when you had had the chance.
But they are so wonderful to witness when they are friends.
And you are flattered by being the one they run to when it goes wrong.

I love how life exists.
I may have my heart and mind focused on these three people.
But life outside of my bubble moves on.
Everything is moving around us, but we are a unit.
These little ones.
They are mine.
I am theirs.
In basic terms, I have borne them.
In life terms, I have loved them.
And fortunately, in turn, they have returned my love.
We are one.

I live amazed.
Constantly making the mistake of under-estimating.
Overwhelmed by the forgiveness, the acceptance, and the logic.
Our commitment.
Our hope.
Our love.

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1 comment:

  1. Ah this is just beautiful Debbie, what gorgeous words and beautiful photos too. You may have made me cry but ssshh don't tell anyone. ;) x


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