Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Shopping for an Awards Ceremony

How grand.
In context, not so much, but still a big deal for this working mum.

For the last two years, as part of my job we have held an Awards Ceremony, to celebrate the best of the projects and construction employers we support.
This is from our Awards last year:

Our drive for continuous improvement has seen us go from a small afternoon gathering in London in 2012 to 2013 and Birmingham NEC on a Saturday afternoon.
This year, will see us become part of a more prestigious event in London, hey, even Alexander Armstrong will be there.

And it goes without saying, now the judging panel has met and concluded, my thoughts turn to what to wear.
Because as every woman knows, the dress code for an evening event of "smart but not black tie" just opens itself up to to a world of possibilities.
Not to be the person in the gold sequinned number, completely over dressed. But not so much office wear that I don't feel the Awards Ceremony buzz.

I have my new comfortable dress which I wear when I need to feel confident in meetings, and love to wear out. But I can't help but want to invest in something new... and have fallen for this dress from Fever London. But if it's too expensive (it is!) there's also another similar to my new comfortable dress.
And then, of course, there's shoes.
This from my tan lined feet.
Which wear Birkenstocks in the summer, and boots in the winter.

I know one thing about me and shoes.
There will be blisters.
My lovely feet- soft and unaccustomed to shoes.
And whilst I have a lovely new pair of shoes from Hotter. Which will suit all of these dresses.
After an evening in them.... well, I'm not hopeful.
And this is the reality...
Fortunately (!) it seems I'm not a typical women.
And that's probably because I've learned my lessons in the past.
Boots, converse and birkenstocks I see through to their final days.
Although I still have a stock of heels, for the days I need them.
And shoes in shoe boxes, from the nights where, pre-children, invitations to industry dinners seemed the norm.
And so, it seems, alongside my purse, powder and lipstick, my handbag will have some Compeed plasters.
I bought a pack of Compeed plasters many years ago. At Kings Cross Station. They have served me well.
I remember the time vividly, as typically one of my director's was behind me in the queue. It felt like being caught out. That wearing heels wasn't as easy to me as breathing.
And because, nothing seems to stop me from feeling more confident in heels, well plasters will be in order.
And maybe lots of bottles of water and some paracetamol in the hotel room.

Dislosure: this post was motivated by an email about Compeed, although I spent last night researching dresses and was inspired to write this post.

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  1. The view is unbeatable - you can literally see the entire city for miles out. We had a winter wedding and the snow on top of the buildings was just gorgeous.


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