Monday, 11 August 2014

Siblings- August

There has been nothing better this summer than seeing our three little people spending time with each other.
I have twins, and I assume they will get on better together than with their sibling.
And it is a bond I will never understand.
Tom & Seb do seem to have a bond, which radiates love and acceptance.
And yet, as a spectator I do not see them 'together'.
They exist in the same space.
They really do seem to 'just know'.
And the reality is, they love their sister.
Once upon a time Seren and Seb were inseparable.
Now, it is most often Seren and Tom.
And yet, Seren will prefer Seb.
Friendship is an odd thing.
I think Tom and Seb gravitate.
I think Seren works at her friendships, understanding the subtleties, but never overcoming her bossiness *looks around innocently wondering from where that trait came*.
The school holidays have been wonderful for allowing me to become a part of their fun, or enjoying the observer role.
They bond, they fight, they cry.
There is no compromise where an apology is concerned.
It is a "Sorry", said properly, a cwtch and a kiss.
And once the apology is accepted, immediately, they bond.
dear beautiful

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