Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Camping Cookbook #Review

So, we're doing it.
As you read this we're on our first family camping holiday.
On the Gower Peninsula.
There's been trial runs.
In the back garden.
Admittedly, I stuck to the comfort of my own bed.

I have my non-negotiables.
We have to take a stove.
Compromises in life are many.
My morning's coffee is not one.

We've reminisced about camping lift pre-children.
Of the regrets of car boot sales where all camping equipment was sold.
Never sure of when a pregnant woman of twins, moving to Wales, would ever want to contemplate camping.

And yet, this time I get a reference book.
With our stove amongst the bootful of goodies which accompanies us everywhere.

What basics can I contemplate wanting to create.
In 'The Camping Cookbook' there were many options.
I've chosen the ones this 'returning to novice' camper can contemplate.
With a 5year old and two 3year olds as my audience.

And I'm so glad there were options from easy to more well prepared.
So this week, we'll be enjoying:

And, something tells me S'mores will also be on the menu!

I sense this book will be a part of our camping journey.
From 'Don't forget' check lists.
To an equipment list for cooking.
It is more than a book of recipes.

It is a Camping Cookbook.
And a relief.
And also available from good book retailers, such as Amazon.

Disclosure:; We received a copy of 'The Camping Cookbook' as part of our role as Parragon Book Buddies. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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