Sunday, 31 August 2014

The truth about blogs

As a writer of a blog.
I feel a fraud.
Writing that sentence.
I am not a writer.
I just have this page in cyberspace.
Where I am free to express myself.

But there are constraints.
There are boundaries.

And everyone's are different.

A blog is an insight into someone's life.
But I doubt it is the whole truth.

Some blogs are a contradiction.
From the person you meet to the person who writes.
From posts which bounce from circumstance to circumstance.

The truth is
A blog is like Facebook.
It reveals as much about a person as the person wishes to reveal.

With the online complexity.
To write online is to consider others.

If you have a niche.
It may be better.

If that niche is family.
Where do you start?
When behaviours are unacceptable.
When the people you love beyond all else are affected.
When advice is sought but cannot be requested.

A blog is a window onto an individual's life.
But it will only ever be one window.

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